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ClubMylo is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs collectables. Each NFT grants limited access to exclusive events

Join our community to know when they drop!


Each Mylo NFT set has their own rarity attached to it. Hover over each one to find out what type of access you will get!

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Get Backstage Access and Meet and Greet Passes for You and 2 Friends to EVERY Level 4 And Below Event Hosted by Mylo Events. Extra Friend Tickets Dependent on Venue. 
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Get ONE VIP Ticket (Closest rows) to EVERY Level 3  And Below Event Hosted by Mylo Events
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Get ONE Preferred Access Ticket (choice of seat anywhere except VIP sections) to EVERY Level 2 And Below Event Hosted by Mylo Events
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Get ONE General Admission Ticket to EVERY Level 1 Event Hosted by Mylo Events

100 Custom artwork

Mylo is taking the revolutionary step in the NFT space and allowing 100 minters to choose a unique item to be created by the artist Kilu in his own style. This item can be a hat, a pet, a tail, a t-shirt or anything you imagine. But keep it PG!

This applies for the first 50 Mylos , 30 Rafos, & 20 Bredos minted

What is ClubMylo ?

ClubMylo is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs collectable artworks. Each NFT grants access to events which are created by Club Mylo. Club Mylo is excited to contribute in a creative way to the NFT community by adding un-lockable events and items. 

ClubMylo Events

Level 1

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High Capacity events such as The Mylo Kickoff Event and all livestreams and festivals.

Level 2

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Mid Capacity Events, where the venue is limited to 4,000 in capacity.

Level 3

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Small capacity events, where the venue is limited to 1,000 people. This is Small music shows and networking events

Level 4

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Exclusive events at members only locations. Pitch events for new artists. Ultra exclusive access to top tier networking events. First access to intimate shows with never before heard artists working with Mylo Events Partners.

Custom NFTs

celebrities, influencers, & Business leaders who have joined LEVEL 4 club mylo WITH CUSTOM MYLO NFTs.

Roger Ver


Thank You Fizzle

Platinum Certified Music Producer


Tiktok Cryptocurrency Influencer

Benyamin Ahmed

Succesful NFT Creator

Nastassia Smith

Influencer / Model

Jeff Bowler

Hollywood Movie Producer


Entepreneur / Fashion Designer

Ganindra Bimo

Actor / Influencer

Adipati Dolken

Actor / Model


Musician / Cryptocurrency Influencer

Raymond Feng


Andrea Dian

Actress / Influencer




Welcome to the Club!

Launching of the community via social media channels. Including our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. 


Partner Onboarding

To create a successful community and NFT project, we reach out to influencers, business leaders, and some of the biggest names in entertainment. This phase will include our Kickoff Event headliner, Level 4 member onboarding, and software development partnerships for Metaverse inclusion. 



As a reward to a loyal community, we will give away 3 Level 4 custom NFTs to members of our community.


Presale Launch

Exclusive to our Discord members, first access to minting of Club Mylo NFTs. With 100 of the early minters getting the option to have their NFT customized with a unique NAME and item. 


Off to the races!

The Club Mylo Public sale will be promoted heavily!


Public Sale

Mylo is released publically at various prices dependent on the level of access. The most common NFT’s are called BREDOs at 0.07 ETH, Followed by RAFOS at 0.1 ETH, MYLOs at 0.15 ETH, and our 10 ultra exclusive GOLDEN MYLOs at 1 ETH each. 


MYLO Kickoff Event

Following a successful sale, held in late Q1 or early Q2, The Mylo Kickoff Event will be a large capacity event featuring superstar performers, NFT discussion panels, and exclusive digital drops. 


The Golden Mylo Club

Private events will take place at exclusive members-only venues for our Golden Mylo members. These events will include first-listen sessions, networking opportunities, pitch events, and access to technology founders building the MetaVerse.   


To Infinity and Beyond!

Following a successful NFT launch, Club Mylo will host events in perpetuity. With large Level 1 events held at least three times a year and Level 4 events held at lease once every two months. 


Our Team


Esperance Enterprices


Esperance Enterprices




Otis Music Global


DC Media


Bot Developer


Community Manager


Community Manager


Club Mylo NFTs are a series of 10,000 unique digital artworks.

Yes! You can buy as many as you want! 

Club Mylo NFT’s are used as admission to events, such as music concerts, organized by “Mylo Events”, A partnership between DC Media Events, Esperance Enterprises, and Otis Music Global.

Discord is the main platform we will use initially to verify and send physical tickets to those requesting attendance at any event. We are additionally investing in our own custom portal which will provide a more unique experience. 

The Companies partnered with Mylo Events have worked with some of the biggest names in current music. Our main focus is hip hop, but are not genre tied. 

DC Media Events, Esperance Enterprises, and Otis Music Global. 

You are guaranteed an ERC 721 token with artwork. Anything else is ancillary and should not be viewed a guaranteed. Please refer to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for more information.

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